Featured Families

Jamie is an 18 month old who was delivered at 31 weeks.  She has suffered from multiple cardiac arrests, is G-tube dependent, and was hospitalized for the first 3 months of her life in Puerto Rico.  She went home for a brief 3 months, but was re-hospitalized 3 hours away from home from 12/16-8/17.  After hurricanes Maria and Irma hit Puerto Rico, Jamie and her mother relocated to Wilkes-Barre PA, leaving behind her father and 2 brothers.  Finally in 11/17, Jamie’s father and brothers joined them in PA and they plan on starting a new life there.  Doctors are hopeful Jamie will be discharged to her new home in January 2018 and hope to participate in the hospital to home ventilator program.

Pennies From Heaven paid $750 on 12/17/17 to assist them in the purchase of a new ventilator & more.  Jamie’s family has had a difficult time and they are grateful for any outside support they receive.  


**Please specify “Jamie” in the message body if you’d like your donation to go directly to Jamie’s family.**

Solomon was born in the Special Delivery Unit of CHOP in 9/17 and was immediately transferred to the NICU due to prematurity, acute respiratory failure, low blood pressure and more.  He remains in critical condition and is intubated.  He is anticipated to have a very lengthy hospitalization.  Solomon and his parents relocated to Philadelphia from South Carolina in 8/17 to prepare for his birth.  His parents and twin siblings are currently staying at a local Ronald McDonald House but continue to make mortgage payments on their home.

Pennies from Heaven paid $796.83 to assist them with one month’s mortgage payment.  We hope Solomon is able to  be discharged sooner than later so he and his family can get back to their life in South Carolina.


**Please specify “Solomon” in the message body if you’d like your donation to go directly to Solomon’s family.**


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