Our biggest fundraiser of the year is our Tricky Tray Basket Raffle which happens every April. In order for us to be successful, we need both basket and monetary donations for our event . We were blessed in 2015, between people and businesses, to have 90 monetary sponsors whose donations totaled more than $16,500! Words cannot begin to express the gratitude and appreciation we have for our generous supporters.  Check back in May for our 2016 Monetary sponsors


Dan and LuAnne Chefetz
P & A Pellarin Associates, Inc.

Jon and Jade D’Agostino
John and Terri Kelly

Gregg and Vicki Ahlsen
Pete and Kathy Albertini
Ryan and Ginny Brennan
Jamie and Ariel Cohen
Michael and Liz Crane
Eagle Interiors, Inc.
Hondo and Nancy Farrell
Matty King
Klinesgrove United Methodist Church
Ken and Lauren Lareau
Livingston PBA Local #263

Doug and Dawn Backlund
Baer Aggregates, Inc.
Randy and Elaine Barnes
Roger and Sue Bensen
Todd Cohen
Dakan Enterprises, Inc.
Dr. Paul Diamond
Robert and Andrea Drucker
East Stroudsburg North High School
Paul and Cheryl Eichmann
Scott and Kristen Gamsby
Mark and Carol???? Greenberg
Harry and Clare Horn
Steve Kiesendahl
Dan and Paul Kowalcyk
Joe and Roe LaDuca
Paul and Debbie Leary
Jim and Sue Madden
Tom and Kathy Maley

Ingrid Bartsch
Doc and Kim Blauvelt
Mary Ann Clayton
Gen and Phil Coppola
Michael and Nancy Crowley
Richard DeMarco
Tamara Kappel
Keystone Propane Service, Inc.
Joan Kiesendahl
Leslie Maynor
Evelyn McNett

Michael Pagnotta
Robert R Lazar Middle School

Dave and Karen Otterburn
Bernie and Kathy Seibert

Livingston PBA Local #263
John and Karen Mariano
Andy and Donna Occhino
Michael and Marianne Perrotta
Ginny Pope
Steve and Nancy Prudente
The Quinn Law Firm, PLLC
Steve and Debbie Sadiker
Rob and Andrea Stapleton
Frank and Linda Whitehead
The Wonder Years Preschool, Inc.

Steve and Linda Mullaney
Chris and Carol Ann Nicklas
Randi Ostry
Bill and Meryl Panzarino
Pat’s Bar and Grill
Carla Pondalane
Jim and Pat Schneider
The Skier Foundation
Tim and Dottie Small
Martin and Crystal Smith
Carmine and Susan Soldano
Bob and Lori Spina
Springbrook Enterprises
Jay and Marilyn Stern
Brian and Sharon Stuart
Wallenpaupack Bowling Center
Denis and Kim Weihs
Allan and Sherry Witman
Bill and Mary Wolf
George and Debra Ziugzda

Charles and Marilyn Mercer
Kristen Mitchell
Rich Paparella Haircutting
Andrew and Stephanie Ritzer
Francesca Santoro
Jo Shields
Brad and Jen Silverman
Spanky’s Restaurant
Lou and Ann Margaret Timpanaro
Stephen Wenzel


We are fortunate to have numerous monetary donations bless us throughout the year. These donations come from different people for various reasons. Some donate in lieu of giving wedding favors to their guests, while others ask family & friends to donate in lieu of giving Bar Mitzvah and graduation gifts. Others hold garage sales, participate in 5K runs, or donate just because they can. We even raised money this summer when people supported us with donations via the Ice Bucket Challenge! We can’t thank you enough for generously giving year round…

Year Sponsors
Cindy Agosta
Jen and Audrey Albertini
Pete and Kathy Albertini
Michael and Kate Bachman
Cyndi Bates
The Bilkis Family
Albert and Barbara Bilkis
Catherine Boyd
Arthur Buchberg
Omry and Sara Cohen
Morhoula Daoulas
Alice Dixon
Aaron and Jennifer Dolgoff
Colleen Dutson
Dan and Elaine Edge
Craig and Elissa Engel
Cathy Gandolfi
The Gannon Family
Linda Goldsmith
Mandi Granville
Winkler Families
Loretta Hackathorn
Karen Hirst
Sara Hoey
Diane Hogan
Denice Hook
Mary Lalande
Brian and Maleesa Lamatina

Year Sponsors
Pete and Rhonda Lazzeri
Seymour and Frances Levenstein
Jonathan and Jessica Levitt
Marcia Lewand
Longevity Fitness, Inc.
Tom Maley
Danielle Meeker
Howard and Jennifer Miller
Allen and Sherry Onweller
Melissa Powell
Michelle Roper
Moshe and Karen Rosen
Noreen Rossi
Frank Sallo
Richard and Maureen Sawczyn
Tom and Kelly Schur
Dorothy Sharo
Melinda Shingler
Tom and Blair Simmons
Scott and Megan Simpson
Linda Siracusa
Randy Spector
Brian and Colleen Stinton
Adam and Hope Suttin
Joe Tarkett
John and Theresa Tully
Anola Vance
Chris and Chrissy Wayrich
Louis Zatz