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Ryan is a 3 year old diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID). He initially received gene therapy in hopes to cure his illness, but unfortunately that was not a success and he had to receive a bone marrow transplant. He is an only child  and resides with his parents in Hawaii, but had to travel to Cincinnati in October 2013 when he was 5 1/2 months old. Due to the complexity of his disease he was unable to go home until August 2016. He and his mother remained in Cincinnati for almost 3 years without going home one time. Ryan and his parents returned to Cincinnati in December 2016 and the cost of 3 flights was around $4,000. Ryan’s Mother has not worked since 2013 when she took a leave of absence to remain in Cincinnati with him, and Ryan’s father has had to deplete their savings in order to travel to Cincinnati to visit.

Pennies From Heaven paid $250 on 12-10-16 to cover the cost of the hotel during their stay in Cincinnati.  Although they only requested $250, this family has taken a huge hit financially since Ryan was born.


**Please specify “Ryan” in the message body if you’d like your donation to go directly to Ryan’s family.**


Kaylen was born at age 25 gestational weeks, and weighed a mere 730 grams. She was diagnosed with respiratory failure, critical airway, apnea of prematurity, s/p repair of patent ductus arteriosus, anemia of prematurity, retinopathy of prematurity, and subglottic stenosis. She was transferred at birth to the NICU at CHOP and is currently inpatient. She also received a tracheostomy and g-tube and is dependent on a ventilator for breathing. Kaylen’s mother has been unable to work due to her daughter’s hospitalization and demand for caregiver training. She also has a 2 year old son at home. Kaylen’s father is currently not supporting his family financially at this time. Kaylen’s mother also has to pay for travel costs as it is quite a distance for her to get to the hospital to visit her daughter.
Pennies From Heaven paid their mortgage payment of $761.52 on 12-22-16.


**Please specify “Kaylen” in the message body if you’d like your donation to go directly to Kaylen’s family.**